Kid’s Kingdom operates below state-recommended student-teacher ratios. We look at more than just numbers and take into account the individual needs of the children in each class. If we know one child needs a little more help we’ll add an extra teacher to that room. Our focus is always on providing an environment in which our kids can thrive.

We believe that children need to be exposed to a variety of literacy based activities such as reading, singing, dancing, finger plays, poems, and conversations with peers and adults. Supporting emerging social skills are a big part of our day, developing trust, forming healthy attachments and enhancing social interactions.

P L A Y is where children thrive and we work hard to make learning fun!

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Infants at Kid's Kingdom have opportunities to develop in a loving environment. Child to adult ratios are low enough to allow for individual needs. Recognition of the special vulnerabilities of infants and the individual development of each child is emphasized. Prayers and songs are integrated throughout the day. Each of our babies has their own individual lesson plan tailored to their stage and developmental goals. Our nursery is fortunate to have a Foster Grandparent on staff whose job it is to just hold and love them.



We know the first years of a child's life are vital! Our teachers create fun and rewarding activities that reflect each child's developmental needs. At this stage of development we encourage life skills such as hand washing, self feeding, and using words. Planned group activities such as story time, art, and outside time all begin here. We encourage their exploration of their own environment and support their developing independence!



Two year olds at Kid's Kingdom have opportunities to develop in an environment with a developmentally appropriate curriculum that continues to encourage independent life skills such as hand washing and toilet training. We love the two year old spirit of doing things their way! Sharing, kindness, manners, and using words to communicate is heavily emphasized in this class.



Kid’s Kingdom recognizes that the cognitive, physical and social skills of most three-year-olds is significantly different. As such we offer a well-rounded scope of activities that address all developmental domains. Our curriculum offers intentional instruction that optimizes key windows of opportunity for growth and development. These components are the foundation for path to kindergarten readiness.



Curriculum Development is an ongoing process due to new discoveries in early childhood research. It is Kid's Kingdom's goal to evaluate and implement these new findings to keep the curriculum educational and stimulating to students. Using multiple approaches to supplement Kid's Kingdom's Literacy based curriculum has proven itself effective for preparing preschoolers for the upcoming years in primary school. At this time we are using Frog Street Pre-K curriculum however supplemental curriculum facilitate your child's:

  • Self help and problem solving skills

  • Health and social studies awareness

  • Movement and coordination

  • Work Habits

  • Emerging reading and writing skills

  • Mathematical reasoning and number sense

  • Scientific reasoning and physical world awareness

  • Music experiences

  • Fine art activities

  • Spiritual growth

Kid's Kingdom meets and exceeds the Texas School Ready guidelines and criteria ensuring your child’s success.

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School Age

Kid’s Kingdom believes School Age care should be FUN!!Whether dropping in for a school holiday or after school we provide an active and safe program. Upon arriving after school students are offered healthy snacks and a time to relax and interact with peers. Peer relationships are a high priority for students at this age so lots of time is spent working in small groups and developing teamwork skills. Activities such as art, cooking, center time, games and outside/ active time are offered daily. Chapel is held every Wednesday.

Kid's Kingdom provides after-school pick up from several elementary schools including Lubbock ISD, Frenship ISD, & Lubbock-Cooper ISD. 


Summer Camp

Enrollment begins February 1st and is discounted until Spring Break each year.

Please contact us for the enrollment form. Campers will not be enrolled without completing this application process.

We must have a current shot record for each camper.

We will be hosting camp at All Saints Episcopal School located at 103rd & Indiana. We are very excited to be able to host camp here. There are some other camps occurring on this same campus which your child may be interested in attending. We are happy to work in conjunction with them to drop off and pick up your camper. We will also pro-rate our camp should your child choose to attend one of the specialty camps.

Summer camp is available for school age students age five (must have completed Kindergarten) through twelve. Camp Caprock encompasses what summer camp should be about with camp names, camp songs, camp games, crafts, outdoor events such as swimming, trips to the park, tennis, kickball, basketball, volleyball, skating, bike riding, and featured trips to local events/businesses. Daily devotions and camp skits are conducted with a run down of the day's events and are a sure way to engage each camper and facilitate their participation. We are a Christian based program where your child will be exposed to Bible teachings, Christ-centered philosophies, and Christian music.

It is also our belief that campers are ready, willing, and able to give back to the community. Therefore several community service projects are built into the program based up on camper's interest and advice. A camper based advisory committee is in place to guide and direct all events and projects.

Our summer program has grown in it’s popularity therefore it is wise to reserve a spot when enrollment opens each year. We encourage anyone considering our program to set up a time so we may meet with you and give you more information.

Camp Caprock is licensed as a Day Camp and is regulated by the Department of State Health Services.